How will I benefit from using a business coach?

A business coach will give you the guidance and support to help you achieve your personal or professional goals.

When do I need to utilise the skills of a business coach?

Business coaches are useful in the everyday running of your business as they can help to offer clear direction when you have difficulties to overcome within your business. Employing the skills of a business coach is extremely beneficial when your business is going through a transition, such as an expansion, merger or an employment drive.

How can I be assured that I have chosen the right business coach for my company's progression?

When choosing a business coach it is important to check their qualifications and the roles they have previously been employed in. How well have they run the businesses or organisations they have been managing? What projects have they worked on to acquire the skills they need to effectively guide your business? Testimonials are also a good way to determine a business coaches credibility.

When is a Project Manager required?

A Project Manager is essential when you require professional support to reach a specific objective, such as service or a product. Project managers have a specialised skillset that enables them to capably handle all dimensions involved in reaching the objective more successfully, ranging from staffing through to budgetary requirements.

How will strategic planning make my business more successful?

Strategic planning is vital within a business as it helps to guide the company in the right direction to reach its goals (vision). A strategic plan integrates the resources and initiatives that are required to meet the company vision.