Strategic Planning

Stephen Sawtell can help make your vision for your company become a reality by incorporating strategic planning within your business.

Strategic planning is about unlocking solutions and is an important part of the everyday success of both individuals and the business, with emphasis on unravelling issues towards a different solution.

A strategic plan could best be described as a roadmap for your business, on how you are going to reach your goal (company vision). It is also a tool to measure accountability for those working within your business, so that your staff have a clear direction on what your businesses aims and objectives are. Successful strategic planning must consider the culture of the business.

Steve can assess your business and create a strategic plan that will help you achieve your company vision more quickly, while maximising profit and minimising expenditure.

Areas that he will cover in your strategic plan include:

  • Clearly defining your company's direction and vision.
  • Efficiencies in resource management, determining overheads and oncosts and consequent impacts on expenditure and revenue.
  • Analysing internal and external stakeholders and the company environment to determine if cultural changes are required.
  • Determining the best course of action for changes and transitions within the company.
  • Establishing goals to reach your vision and create accountability within your team.